Brimir, an open source ticket manager

Declutter your support inbox. Provide support with a team of different agents, with a perfect overview of all your communication.

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Receive support emails

Brimir allows you to send and receive support emails through a friendly web interface. Received emails are converted to tickets.

Assign tickets

Problems need to be resolved! With Brimir it's very easy to assign tickets to the right team member. They will be notified via email.

Forward e-mails

Get rid of support emails in your personal inbox. Forward these emails to Brimir and let your support team handle the hassle!

Must haves!


New! Support for multiple languages. We've included English and Dutch, but there are a number of community contributed translations such as German, Spanish, Finish and Brazilian Portuguese.

It's open source

Brimir is released under the GNU Affero General Public License Version 3. It's built using other open source frameworks and tools, such as Ruby on Rails and Zurb Foundation.

  • Self-hosted
  • Free
  • Don't mind getting your hands dirty? Don't want the data to leave the company? Run Brimir on your own server and don't depend on anybody. Brimir is available on Github.
  • Unlimited tickets
  • Unlimited agents
  • Download now!
  • Hosted
  • €15 a month
  • Too busy running your company? Let us host Brimir for you.
  • Unlimited tickets
  • 5 Agents
  • 1GB Storage

Brimir is free and open source. Interested? Try Brimir today!